The Concept 
The sense of taste, which is at home in the tongue, is one of the finest and most sensitive perceptual senses in the human body. It enables us to immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of flavors and aromas and at the same time gives us an impulse for taste perfection. In order to be able to perceive these treasures correctly, a certain “know-how” is required. 
A greedy person who is not aware of this, finds it difficult to resist the desire to devour the chocolate all at once. For absolute enjoyment, it is therefore important to resist the desire and let the chocolate dance on your tongue until it melts and infuses into the body.
The Design
In order to illustrate the contradiction between consumption and pleasure, a more dynamic packaging solution for the Austrian speciality chocolate Zotter was required. The red-accentuated face on the top, which is staring at the viewer, represents the part of the consumer who would like to eat the whole chocolate bar at once. At the other side of the packaging the label with the inscription "infuse" stands out. If you pull on it, the contradiction becomes clear. Thanks to a self-designed mechanism, the chocolate bar emerges from the mouth and invites you to enjoy it. The infusion happens at the same time: a red stripe with the name of the flavor moves through the otherwise dark lettering.
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