Every year, 4.5 trillion cigarette butts end up in our waterways, on the streets and washed into the oceans. Few people are aware of the impact on the environment when they flick away their cigarette butt. The microplastics in filters have a detrimental impact, especially on our oceans where cigarette filters can kill fish. They ingest the microplastics and toxins through their food. These very fish then end up on our plates at home. 
Summary in English
To draw attention to the issue, I made a hand-drawn animation. The scene starts with a character smoking a cigarette in just one puff. Since it is no longer needed, he simply flicks it to the nearest street corner. Meanwhile, as the butt flies, a scene change takes place. A bus driver, who was distracted by his cell phone, overlooks the smoker and runs him over. The smoker dies. But as karma would have it, he is reborn as an ant. He is recognized by his character traits, his smoky voice and his coughing. In the last scene, a shadow grows larger and larger over his body and then it happens! His own discarded butt crushes him, so that he dies again because of his own actions.

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