About Kaleo
Kaleo is an Icelandic rock band whose music is influenced by the Wild West. I designed the cover with a special feel to match the appearance of the band. On the leather front you can see the band in Western style and on the back all the information about the album is engraved.
When the magic begins...
As you open the cover, music from Kaleo automatically begins to play thanks to speakers I built into the wood.
But that's not all. As you open the cover the CD "Dead or Alive" by Kaleo "hangs" on the rope, which is representative of the band and the music. The shadow of a real person at the inside should strengthen the connection between the band an the CD.  
how does it work?
Through a lot of experimentation I managed to make the gallow, which is made of carton. It straightens up when you open the cover.  Inside is a rubber band that makes the crossbar stand up. 
Vinyl Version 
After the leather version, I also made a vinyl version in the same style but with a different technique. The design is consistent with the CD cover but made with Photoshop to imitate the haptic sense of leather.
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