My Game Stage Balls 
In 2017 I started developing my game called Stage Balls. It's a hyper casual game for a broad target group. The game is free and available in the iOS App Store. Three years later I wrote my high school thesis about how to market the game. In that diploma thesis I gave an overview about marketing strategies that are important for a hyper casual game and refer to Stage Balls. It also describes which strategy for Stage Balls has achieved the most downloads.

Since my game Stage Balls is only available in the iOS App Store, I created my “analog” version of the thesis based on the iPhone 12 Pro Max model. The user interface, such as the fonts, colors and spacing, are the same as in the original. Simply running through the pages would not have been authentic enough for me, so I decided to build a dummy that had the same feel as a real mobile phone. I used only the resources I had in my school, such as a laser cutter and printer. 

There are two buttons on the back of the phone to match the position of the index finger. If you press this, the LED display shows the scrolling direction and the content moves up or down. When the button is released, the motor stops again.
Creation Process
I started with the drafts and the millimeter-precise planning of the individual parts. The shell, the dimensions and the mechanics have been developed without any assembly instructions. With the help of a laser cutter, I was able to cut and engrave the casing using Plexiglas plates. The pictures give a brief insight into the development of the project and the scope of the components.
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