The concept 
The website for Luke Goodlife starts with short videos of extreme sports situations and then connects them to the idea of facing these situations with better breathing (deep instead of shallow breaths). Once you learn to breathe right, you can enjoy the thrill of greater adventures more. I explained other benefits of breathing right and concluded with an invitation to join Luke’s community, feedback from course participants, and information about Luke.
Password for website: breathing
A project for extremers
What made this interesting as a project choice is that Luke and his friends are adventurers. They like extremes, and push the boundaries of what is possible, try new things. They are former snowboarders on the Austrian national team, global travelers, photographers and scientists. People who are curious, want to grow, and understand more. They use breathing exercises to face new adventures that people are usually afraid of. Like swimming in ice water and taking cold showers every day, which they have done all winter. People like this are the target audience for the website. Luke’s website was supposed to capture the feeling of this community and encourage people like this to join Luke’s breathing exercises. I liked the feeling of this project:
Video of Website
TIMELAPSE of animations
The first version of the website was more static, without animations and scrolltriggering. It explained the benefits of breathing with illustrations I did in Illustrator. 
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